Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guess being original sucks these days

So i had to do up this picture because people do NOT know how to have their own ideas. Just look at the two flyers and be the judge of it...All I am saying is that ORIGINALITY is starting to leave people....we gotta step it up

Who would have thought?

That's a pic of none other than Jay-Z. Its a pic my boy took with his phone. He was at Lil X's Bday party on Halloween night. I just find it funny how some people only got to see him on stage while he walked right pass us. Guess i got my treat instead of being tricked....Too bad Blackberry bold pictures have not so great quality in the dark

How would you discribe this pic

No matter how gray your season could be, or no matter how you think everything you touch never turns out right. Always look for the beauty in everything. When you look at the bigger picture and how beautiful it is, everything will turn out alright

I guess that's how i feel about this picture....

Tell me what your take on it is

Friday, September 18, 2009

where the thinking starts

I don't know what is driving me to write this note right now. I don't know if it is a feeling that i had in my heart or a thought in my head but something told me to jump out of my sleep and just write. I had a day off work today and all i did was just think. Think about the past, think about the future and fit the present in there.

Is what i did in the past making its effect now in the present?

Is what im doing in the present a result of my past?

and is my future going to reflect what i had during my present and what was in the past?

Everyday i almost feel like i second guess myself. Like if i have to prove to people that i am worth giving a damn. From that i feel like i am taking away more from myself instead of giving.

I recently picked up my camera and started taking shots. People like them and i guess people who don't like them don't say anything (keep it that way) It is a way i have learned to express myself, but some how i feel like something more is missing.

is life meant to feel like a glass revolving door. You can see whats happening around you but sometimes you move so slow that you miss it all?

this is just random food for fault.....


I have had a feeling tonight

a feeling like that my day can not end until i feel like i have everything accomplished. I wonder if anyone else out there can relate to feeling the same. There are some of us that feel that we must remain insomniacs because they know there is still a task to be done before you can rest.

I wonder if there is anyone else that feels this way from time to time or am i like how most people feel and am the only one left that understands only themselves. Some may just call me haunted cause it is 1:50 and i am up writing notes. I guess that's the people who either don't really know me or just caught up in their own rat race to have the time to notice.

I sometimes feel that sleep is there to help you relax your body and that we should get as much as we can. Sleep is also the cousin of death as my mom always used to tell me. That's why sometimes i am even scared to close my eyes cause I am frighten that it may be my time to go. Cause i know i still have stuff i would want to do. Be successful, raise a family, and to take care of my whole family. We should be luckythat sleep hasn't come for some of us as of yet, because for some they had to be put to bed too early. Maybe it was their time to rest but for some of us we can't bare to let them go to sleep before we tell them how much we love them. Its sad how some ask to be put to bed to cause they are tired and hurting. I wonder if they ever think of the people that ask for the opposite and never get the chance they do?

I think i am going to leave the note there. I wanted you to just look deep and think. If i did then i did a good job, then someday when its my time to sleep i can know i helped out a lot of people.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racism is still alive its just hasn't been televised

So unless you have been living under a rock or living on Saturn, you had to have seen or heard Kanye’s “opinion” on Taylor Swift winning the Best Female Award. If some how you haven’t its all over the internet it isn’t hard to find. We all have our opinion about what had happened some still like Kanye and others think different. This article isn’t really about what he did but what was being said about black people because of it. I was doing some research and saw a saying that was very much true

“Racism isn’t dead; it just lives on the internet”

The amount of slander that I had seen on twitter over the past two days against black people all because of what went down is vile and utterly disgusting. What Kanye had done wasn’t even a racist act at all against white people. It was just Kanye letting the Hennessey and ego control his mouth. All over twitter there are people saying Kanye is a (n word) and how he should be hung from a tree or how black people should be ashamed to have him be a (n word) along with Serena Williams cause we all would have acted the same. I am NOT ashamed of my skin and my heritage. It is sad to see that someone of my race could act that way but NO ONE has the right to say we are all like that. I would doubt that people would come up and say since white people used blacks as slaves we should call all of them honkys. I had found a few comments online that a few people that should have been a bit more censored…Twitter needs to clean this up

ODV1985: kanye west is monkey ass n****r! and should be lynched! taylor swift i love you girl! (these people are going somewhere in life)

JacobFredG: I realy hope I dont have any black followers and if I do just stop following me, Kanye West is a stupid n****r!

trevbandito: Watch'n the VMA's and decicided to look up the word "N****R" In the dictionary, and low and behold was a pic. of Kanye West!!!!!!!!

I understand that everyone loves the girl and does feel bad but there is no need to have to go this low. You be the judge of it all…

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I am back..and i wont stop again

Hey people...i know i know it has been a while since i even touched this site...it has been busy for a while and i honestly been putting my writing on facebook. That is not fair to the people who were reading what i had and don't have facebook. So i will make sure i touch base with this as much as i can. and with that here is my comeback post =)

This is a topic a friend of mine told me to write about

So I have this question thrown at me a lot.

“You’re such a sweet guy I don’t understand why you’re single”

From that answer I always laugh. Reason why is that I guess you could say that I am black listed. Not only being a male, living in our city that we call Toronto. It is for the sole fact that I am in the entertainment business. Since I am a promoter everyone has labled me a whore, a liar, and at times a person who can’t commit to a relationship.

Now from what I see, the reason why I get that thrown on me is because they may have been hurt before from a person who is in the same business as I am. Believe it or not, Toronto is basically an entertainment networking city, it just sucks that everyone has to know all of the same people (Thank you very much Facebook….baitbook indeed) Now there are always two sides to every coin. Girls of course feel like they can’t trust any guy period let alone the fact that he does some sort of promo, DJ, or even performer because they all go on about how we are worst than scum. That is totally understandable. All entertainers are not bad. Not all of us sleep around and have “groupies”. I know most women who are in this industry (This includes DJ’s, models, and anyone who is known here) would blow a fuse if they heard guys talk about “She slept with him and has 2 others on the side”. You have groupies as well the correct name for them would be stalkers. We will get to that another time. Just because you have a friend that did something with a guy who is in the business you start getting the red paint and label his circle all the same. You don’t know the person yet when you hear the name you start going on with allegations. Personally I think that is totally wrong to do because if your friend likes to share herself with X amount of guys trying to find her center, when someone brings that up to your attention you start causing an uproar saying “That’s not my friend. I am not like her don’t bring my name up with hers.” We all go on talking about how we are grown and we don’t need to go on about high school shit. Yet just because a guy has a lot of girls feeling him and they offer himself and he threw a party that makes him Public Enemy #1.

Now know this note is not aimed to bash anyone, or to call anyone out. I did put a note out saying that if you want me to write about something then give ideas. One of my friends did so I am just answering her question. The stories you hear about promoters being how they are is half myth, and half fact. They do not sleep with every piece of pokey that is thrown at them, but if you think he is sexy and you have the POWER to convert him into hubby material…sorry you may have your facts a lil wrong there. If you make yourself look easy, they you are what you make yourself look like. You would be as easy as playing NBA 2K9 on easy mode or a 2 year old who would be eating the controller instead of playing you. Basically, where I am going with this note is saying do not paint everyone the same colour because you wouldn’t like that to come to you. If you have any argument or disputes with this note…I am not afraid to talk about it. I am just going on my point

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mouth WIDE shut

Some people don't know how to open up to others from time to time. They can write it out, show it by dance, or do whatever it is to make them say what they have to say. Most times though..people can feel when they want to say something to someone like "Your opinion does not matter" or "Let me figure this out for myself" It doesn't come out the way you make it sound in your head. To the other person it might sound like your being an ass, or just arguing with them when in reality your not doing anything like that at all.


In my opinion women and men argue the same amount...some just need to argue cause they like to hear themselves talk. If you are in a relationship and you speak to someone of the other sex your partner doesn't know...instead of talking about it..they keep it locked in their hearts. In the end it doesn't come out good. Sometimes arguments can lead to good things like compromise or sex ( come on we ALL know angry sex is good) but most times it could lead to broken homes, or depression. Most times there are people who just say what they want and usually...not much of a good thing. Anytime someone hypes up people want to think they are trying to power up on them when in reality they are not.


Talk proper...don't slack

So i have seen something come up lately. I was something i was gonna show everyone before...but frm what i saw this had to come out lol. So say that there is this guy/girl that showed you some interest and you decided to talk to them. Here is the thing though...the person you were talking to is also bringing talks to your friends in your click....they think they are slick...you know they are just tripping over their own feet...


Unlike girls who sometimes hide which guys they're talking to cause they dont want to hear that next people are talking. "isn't she talking to this guy, but last week she was talking to his boy. They were looking awfully close" To some it would make them look like whores in reality it is no where near that. Like how girls have that unwritten rule that they are not allowed to date each others ex bf, this is almost like another unwritten rule.

Now guys take pride most of the times in what girls they are working on getting with and like to share it with people so its not hard to figure out which girls are gaming a group of friends. They do show next mans that they are trying to talk the one girl and that its like claiming land. I know it sounds bad but its pretty much true. China don't want Russia invading them. So Russle don't want Phillip trying to talk to the same girl and they know that they are cool with each other. If she does talk to both to them at the same time and flips back and forth between the two, i would honestly think it ain't a good look.....especially in 2009...

Its like having your cake...eating it too..and then eating a next piece of cake that's not yours.

Ladies. if a man your talking to is trying to talk to a next girl, and its your friend how would you feel?

Fellas. If a girl your talking to is trying to talk to a next man, and its one of your boys how would you feel?

Would you laugh and confront them about it...or let it slide and hold it in (just like the last note i wrote about)

In the dictionary the def. of hustle is..

Slang An illicit or unethical way of doing business or obtaining money; a fraud or deceit:

Now that may be the story for some..but i am not hating against that cause that's what you have to do to get by.

Actually when you think about it we are all hustlers. Each and every last person has a bit of a hustler built in them. From the moment you wake up, you know you have to go out and get yours. Go up to go to work. Do what you have to do. Go home to do it all again. It could be a 9-5, 11-7, or anything that you have to clock in. We hear that they always say a hustler is someone who is doing wrong. In rap music we hear them always going on about it...when in reality most did have to live like that. They never just got famous over night. They had to grind sell mix tapes, do free shows to get where they want to be at now. I in fact am a hustler as well. I work a full time job to make sure the rent is paid, my mom and brother can get what they need, and put some away for myself. People know me from always on the grind promoting parties, or even handing out flyers. I do that cause i know it is what i have to do. Anytime a person makes fun of your job or says that your not doing good enough...you have to tell them you are doing this for you not them

For those who work retail....keep up the hustle
for those who work at a fast food...keep up the hustle
For anyone is any line of work...keep up the hustle

I know everyone has their facebook status about how they hustle this or push that.....come correct with what your saying. Let people really know what you are doing. If you are a receptionist @ a doctor office...just say it..aint nobody can judge you for that.

For those who work the corner..make you money..if it is what you are good at, then do what your doing. You are your own person and you are open to take opinions if they seem valued to you.

If there is something you want in your life...and you really want it, you would work for it and to work is to hustle, and to hustle is to get by with any means necessary.


Make a number be a figur

So an issue came to my mind lately. I was surprised that I was that I was thinking it to be honest. For a lot of people relationships make a difference to them....but the question is does the age of the person make a difference? Is there a certain age limit that people are allowed to date each other?


Some people don't see it an issue who they date at what age...older people let's say in their thirties don't really mind what age they date as long as they are not robbing the cradle. Some people say they judge it from maturity. Personally the youngest I would date is 20, and the oldest would be about 30. Remember that's just my personal preference everyone has it different. I know some girls who are dating guys all 10 years older than them...and from my knowledge society doesn't have much of an issue with that. Let's flip the script...if a older woman dates a younger guy...the world has something to say...

Well most people I know have dated older than them at least once in their life...had no problem with it...some people had stuff to say...but that's why we do stuff..to make people talk. The funny thing these days...we got girls who look A LOT older then they say they are to be. Some girls who say they are a good 22 are a overly fresh 16..we all know that they play that...girls and their fake ids lol. Funny how some guys would still let it slide. When you are getting chopped boys and girls...if your not sure of the age ask...cause..Robert Kelly...need I say more. Whatever age you are and if your partner is different higher or lower..if you are happy and things are working then keep them that way...don't want to mash up a good thing


Thursday, January 8, 2009

Why am I do this alone

So i know the last wrote did hit home for a lot of people. This note will as well.

Guy: Don't worry baby..we gonna get through this no matter what
Girl: We can do this together no matter what...we can do this

It starts off like that...things go good...first few months pass...and then people feel like they can't keep their word anymore and end up leaving when people are needed the most. I am talking about single parents and how people could have the courage to up and LEAVE when you were the same person who helped create the life in the first place.


Now this is a very serious subject to me cause it has happened to a lot of people in my family.Most of the women that i tagged in this note are moms..STRONG moms as a matter of fact.I know they each have gone through some hardship so i wanted them to see this, and hear their input. Some while they had the child or even later on in life. I am seeing more and more single parents, MOMS mainly pushing around strollers and having to carry the burden alone cause the guy couldn't own up to what he had done.

Is it the girls fault that she believed that the guy was going to be true to his word or was it the guys fault for leading the girl on. We see all these " He's my baby daddy" stuff on Maury and Montel...and laugh about it. In reality it happens to people you know everyday.

Is the guy in the wrong or is the girl in the wrong....and why does the child have to be put in the middle? The child had no say that he/she wanted to be born..Most children are not planned these days. I know if feels better not having protection...we all have said it and we all have done it at least once...but we run the risk of getting to the point where there is no turning back (and for sure ABORTION is not right but we will save that for another day)

It is very easy to place blame on people...but it is needed for people to own up and take care of your kids. If children are the future...why are we not making it easier for them? Why is it that we have to give them half of a life..?

Yes i know sometimes its better that we do separate from our other half cause they are more of a threat to the family....BUT "You must know who you play with before you go and lay with"

I know i did go all over the place with this note but I want to leave this thought with you...i want you to look at it as if you had a child beside you...without a father, or without a mother..they are somewhere out at home with their next bf...do you think you would be able to do it all on your own...to all the single parents out there...hold your head up...it was not your fault life handed you this card but its up to you how you play it...but i want everyone to keep this thought in mind


So Hard To Say Goodbye

First off i want to say thank you. All the responses, and the feedback I have been getting have given me more drive to write more about things that effect people and their lives.Go and read the previous ones too. So I am going to make sure at least once a day...as matter of fact if i can go off twice a day i will. If i didn't tag you in this note..


People like hearing what people think. So do not be afraid to speak your mind. Now you might have an idea what the title is about. I am going to give you a scenario that we all have been through.

Boy meets girl..wither it be through friend, seen them around at work, or facebook lord knows. They hit if off real good and start to eventually start dating. Time flies by when your with that person. A house can be on fire and you can still look deep into their eyes and feel safe. Then the day you feared about the most came to play...It could be in a form of a note, a facebook message, an email, or hell face to face.

"I Don't know what it is, maybe it's me...I am not sure...but i have to say goodbye to us...I don't feel like I am strong enough to hold on to what we got. We can still be friends..but i need sometime to myself..I am so sorry."

At that time you feel like the world is going to blow up, your heart ends up like kanye and you want to make a song for it. Break ups are one of the hardest things to do cause you feel like all the work you put into that relationship is like for nothing. The X amount of years spent is not worth it at all....like I had said we ALL have been through this in our lives.

what i have noticed is they way that the opposite sex gives and takes break ups.

Guys: We have a girl dump us, and honestly we feel meh about it. We know we can get another one or even her best friend lol. Although there are some of us that will basically shrivel up and die if the girl we put SO much into just up and leaves. We can dump them and that's okay but then we get their friends calling us, facebooking us to either 1) harass us for leaving their friend, or 2) See what we are doing cause we know girls can be snakes too. We can never really know what love is so we just move around like nomads trying to really slow down. We feel pain too ladies even though we do not show it in our actions.

Ladies: You know from heaven to earth you can say that you can get any guy you want BUT...There is always that special guy you keep eying to get the attention from. Remember everything that shines AIN'T GOLD..Women handle break up the hardest cause they are the most fragile thing on this Earth. You know you put your very all into a relationship and do everything to make it work. Only to get a message or a friend to tell you that your BF said "It's over...." I know the emotion that builds up in you is fierce...Jasmine Sullivan had a total reason to make the song "Bust your windows" Being dumped is just as bad as being cheated on, and a worst fact to it all would be if you got dumped for someone who isn't even up to your status...just a next girl who knew what buttons to press to get what she wanted. Break ups are like war stories you carry around. When you and your friends have like movie night or chill you always have a story to tell about a past relationship, especially if you see your EX's best friend walking by and it gives you memories of him. I don't mean to open up old wounds ladies....I am here to just open your minds in '09 to get you back to thinking and take time out of your busy schedules just to do it..

There isn't a way to avoid break ups. It happens to everyone...husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, NBA players ( i had to throw a lil humor in there) We can find the one to make sure that he/she is the one but there's will forever be one question that sits in your mind when you wake up beside them or by yourself


Monday, January 5, 2009

Should I stay or should i go??

I have been getting some great reviews from everyone who reads the notes i have thrown up. I enjoy seeing everyone's point of view. So from that i have another one that I know I wanna see people view about. This one is about people who has ever been cheated on. At least 95% of people in the world has been cheated on by a person they are involved with. A good amount of them book the other in the act and yet still love them..so they they come with the idea thinking...


I think it also depends on what the person view of cheating is. If you are a person are just "talking" then do you think its fair that they keep their options open to something else? I that point like if you are trying to get a job at Telus head office, and yet you get the call to work in the stores. A week passes you and the crew get pretty good acquainted, yet head office calls and gives you the spot. Should you leave the crew you took sometime to build a relationship with and go to something bigger, or do you stay where you are and work your way up? I see that as how relationships worked out to be.

Now guys and girls are both guilty when it comes to cheating. Don't let the media fool you...girls cheat as well as guys. The reason why it is blown up so big is that girls make it that way.

People cheat for many different reason. Some for the excitement of sneaking around, and some just need to break free from where they are. They could be bored, they could be threatened, they could just not feel that way they did a year ago. To the other person they have to just wonder...why do i feel like i just got traded in for a new model car...or even a older model car =s

Guys: Reason why some cheat is like i mention before they like the thrill of sneaking around. guys like to have more than one thing they can call their own. Like Anesha had mentioned in one of my notes "You know, have a girlfriend every other season, and break free for Caribanna season (summa-time) lol." I know at times we guys wish we had a back-up girl every time the main girl pisses us off. To be honest, we are human and temptation is hard...remember Adam and Eve? It is common that when us guys are in a relationship, girls are in competition mode where they feel they have to get the guy and piss the other girl off...can any girl who reads this note confirm that and tell me....why?

Girls: Like i said earlier girls do cheat. As much as guys even. They just have an innocent way of making it look like it was innocent fun. Girls cheat under wraps so that they don't look like whores and sluts. They know the community will talk about them if they get exposed. I know girls cheat cause they want to feel wanted. All girls want to feel wanted that is a given. Some guys hit girls...its true...so they confined into another male and then things happen, and there are some girls (Yes i am going to say it) who are like guys and want to keep their option and legs open for many different things. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Girls know how to make them selves innocent by just simply crying. "He made me do it..i didn't have a choice" setting people up to fall. Guys who read this note i wanna know what you think and what would you say if you found your girl cheating on you.

So there is the note for the day I want you to think deep. Keep the convo going..don't start bashing if your going to do that, you guys have inbox and walls you can go at it.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

'09 on the record....time to show the ones you care for that you give a damn...

Happy new year to all around the world. I hope you new year was something eventful to attend. I pray most of you got to your homes, hotels, friends house, or wherever the alcohol brought you to be at.

It was NOT a good start for me to be so honest...in one day so much shit hit the fan, you would wonder why sometimes you guys can never see me with a smile...I drop one once in a while but not as often. The party I had did promo for didn't go according to plan leaving the end result with people saying that people are going to get hurt for it all. Fights left right and center, bottles getting broken let alone late, and the 200 plus people who had to endure the cold just not to get in. I am making my part as one of the guys who sold tickets to say I'm deeply sorry. I wish i had the power to get you in...but it seems like the club owners are becoming more and more retarded.


Since it is now 2009...We can be different. Everyone is on this make money fuck bitches...blah blah blah...i see it all in your facebook names and you know that's true....everyone does it so don't feel guilty. All I want to see in '09 is for people to do their own damn thing. If your a singer..stick to singing...cause you never knew how to act and you might just suck at it. If your a promoter stick to your game....don't think you handed out two flyers and you graduated promoter university. There has been some of us in this game that braved the elements to get where we were. We have had our ups and downs...and only the strong will survive. Fights in clubs make me not want to go back to that promoters events...and you know what, my face is gonna be seen seldom now. I am going to stick to my photography.

I have been waiting to write this...I was going to do it before new years but i never got the time to do it.

if you did not benefit me in '08....i have NO use for you in '09

That is what I made up...that is copyrighted (in the process) if you want to use it let me know just ask me.

That goes for guys, girls, mothers, fathers, single parents, and even expecting parents

Don't let anyone in '09 hold you back. Make your paper, work your job, live your LIFE.

I'm going to share my new years revolutions to you...this is what i need to do for myself

1) Show people what i mean when i say it

2) Stop depending on others to get ahead...if one man is slowing you down...get your ass in front of them

3) pay my dues, Settle my debts

Its time to change it up...Anyone that has a problem with me....I'm not a bad dude you can take it up with me...if any my guys don't like it, we don't have to make it an issue.

Happy New year all the best.....i left the old Warbucks is '08........'09 is a different dude.