Friday, September 18, 2009

where the thinking starts

I don't know what is driving me to write this note right now. I don't know if it is a feeling that i had in my heart or a thought in my head but something told me to jump out of my sleep and just write. I had a day off work today and all i did was just think. Think about the past, think about the future and fit the present in there.

Is what i did in the past making its effect now in the present?

Is what im doing in the present a result of my past?

and is my future going to reflect what i had during my present and what was in the past?

Everyday i almost feel like i second guess myself. Like if i have to prove to people that i am worth giving a damn. From that i feel like i am taking away more from myself instead of giving.

I recently picked up my camera and started taking shots. People like them and i guess people who don't like them don't say anything (keep it that way) It is a way i have learned to express myself, but some how i feel like something more is missing.

is life meant to feel like a glass revolving door. You can see whats happening around you but sometimes you move so slow that you miss it all?

this is just random food for fault.....


I have had a feeling tonight

a feeling like that my day can not end until i feel like i have everything accomplished. I wonder if anyone else out there can relate to feeling the same. There are some of us that feel that we must remain insomniacs because they know there is still a task to be done before you can rest.

I wonder if there is anyone else that feels this way from time to time or am i like how most people feel and am the only one left that understands only themselves. Some may just call me haunted cause it is 1:50 and i am up writing notes. I guess that's the people who either don't really know me or just caught up in their own rat race to have the time to notice.

I sometimes feel that sleep is there to help you relax your body and that we should get as much as we can. Sleep is also the cousin of death as my mom always used to tell me. That's why sometimes i am even scared to close my eyes cause I am frighten that it may be my time to go. Cause i know i still have stuff i would want to do. Be successful, raise a family, and to take care of my whole family. We should be luckythat sleep hasn't come for some of us as of yet, because for some they had to be put to bed too early. Maybe it was their time to rest but for some of us we can't bare to let them go to sleep before we tell them how much we love them. Its sad how some ask to be put to bed to cause they are tired and hurting. I wonder if they ever think of the people that ask for the opposite and never get the chance they do?

I think i am going to leave the note there. I wanted you to just look deep and think. If i did then i did a good job, then someday when its my time to sleep i can know i helped out a lot of people.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racism is still alive its just hasn't been televised

So unless you have been living under a rock or living on Saturn, you had to have seen or heard Kanye’s “opinion” on Taylor Swift winning the Best Female Award. If some how you haven’t its all over the internet it isn’t hard to find. We all have our opinion about what had happened some still like Kanye and others think different. This article isn’t really about what he did but what was being said about black people because of it. I was doing some research and saw a saying that was very much true

“Racism isn’t dead; it just lives on the internet”

The amount of slander that I had seen on twitter over the past two days against black people all because of what went down is vile and utterly disgusting. What Kanye had done wasn’t even a racist act at all against white people. It was just Kanye letting the Hennessey and ego control his mouth. All over twitter there are people saying Kanye is a (n word) and how he should be hung from a tree or how black people should be ashamed to have him be a (n word) along with Serena Williams cause we all would have acted the same. I am NOT ashamed of my skin and my heritage. It is sad to see that someone of my race could act that way but NO ONE has the right to say we are all like that. I would doubt that people would come up and say since white people used blacks as slaves we should call all of them honkys. I had found a few comments online that a few people that should have been a bit more censored…Twitter needs to clean this up

ODV1985: kanye west is monkey ass n****r! and should be lynched! taylor swift i love you girl! (these people are going somewhere in life)

JacobFredG: I realy hope I dont have any black followers and if I do just stop following me, Kanye West is a stupid n****r!

trevbandito: Watch'n the VMA's and decicided to look up the word "N****R" In the dictionary, and low and behold was a pic. of Kanye West!!!!!!!!

I understand that everyone loves the girl and does feel bad but there is no need to have to go this low. You be the judge of it all…