Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Guess being original sucks these days

So i had to do up this picture because people do NOT know how to have their own ideas. Just look at the two flyers and be the judge of it...All I am saying is that ORIGINALITY is starting to leave people....we gotta step it up

Who would have thought?

That's a pic of none other than Jay-Z. Its a pic my boy took with his phone. He was at Lil X's Bday party on Halloween night. I just find it funny how some people only got to see him on stage while he walked right pass us. Guess i got my treat instead of being tricked....Too bad Blackberry bold pictures have not so great quality in the dark

How would you discribe this pic

No matter how gray your season could be, or no matter how you think everything you touch never turns out right. Always look for the beauty in everything. When you look at the bigger picture and how beautiful it is, everything will turn out alright

I guess that's how i feel about this picture....

Tell me what your take on it is