Sunday, November 30, 2008

Now the weather with our weather man Mr. Warbucks


Well this i should be expecting because well i grew up here all my life...but looks like its that time of the year where we are covered in this junk. If anyone who reads this lives where snow doesn't come around...i would say its a blessing and a curse. Blessing cause you never have to shovel yourself out of like sometime 10cm of snow before you go to work and still end up late. Or like myself for example, leaving my boys house that lives 5 min frm me, drive, park , grab a shovel and see the car is covered back up again...........MERRRRRRRR!!!

The curse part is that snow at times can be really beautiful to look at...great excuse to cuddle up with a loved one to keep each other warm, and something to just take in that nature can be that way.

December is good cause its just the start...but February/march times.....its those times you wanna dip from the country lol....

This is also like the one year anniversary of the talent show me and the gang threw called SPOTLIGHT. It was a stop the violence show cause we wanna shot T.Dot that we don't gotta be gangsters to be recognized...We can do good to make good...the show was a great don't worry there will be another coming very soon...I wouldn't let you guys down now would i?? Here's what the flyer looked like for those who might remember...S. Davis performed even Drake aka Drizzy was there to sing for the ladies...

Well I'm gonna sign off for now gonna give you one more picture of the road with the snow..i pray it only gets this high.......SOMEONE GET ME A DAMN PARKA

Mr. Warbucks

Friday, November 28, 2008

I wanna talk about my momma if y'all dont mind

I felt like taking the time out to talk about my inpiration, my air, the reason why im on this earth...the person who had brought me into the world..My mom, mommy, momma, however she is called this is my mom. She is what makes me love my mom like Kanye loved well still does love his mom. I want to show her off to everyone who reads this blog. For every smile, frown, tear and growl...i want to say i love you...imma show her this sometime. I have one wish for everyone who is reading this blog. If your mother or even father is around go and give them a hug, a kiss something to let them know that you love that person.
hey momma...ahhhhh...i wanna scream so loud for so proud you...
This is just a touching subject for me cause she means a lot....this is the soft side of mr warbucks people....
im gonna go hug my momma now and read the bible with her (thats her favorite past time)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

So all the bloddy pics are now done

I gotta give REAL credit to all the photographers out there...everytime i load up a new pic i gotta make sure i put all the water marks up on here... I got photos of the events for the night i might put up some, or i migh just find the link so i can just post it. This pic is one of my favs....doing what i gotta do. Be back tonight

Monday, November 24, 2008

Days later and I finally can speak

Good morning, good afternoon, and good whenever your reading this blog

Man...I finally get a chance to go to this and speak....this weekend...was a blast!!!
I really gotta thank everyone and i mean EVERYONE that came out to Reserved. It was a real night to remember. People looking good, vibes were proper and bottles were on and POPPIN!! For those who werent able to come or just didnt want to come missed a real good time ill tell you that for sure....I got something coming up for those of you later...I am gonna get pics up tonight on my facebook and blog so you guys can have fun with it....and i gotta shout out came out goooood...


I was yelling a lil too loud.

Later peeps...

ps. Oh miss taylor...this is our pic from friday...better frame this

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Up at night..seeing sleep pass me by

It's 3:45 am...and I am up....and I am not learning that the Office is actually a funny show....As random as it was it is very true

I guess I am up because

A) I am sore from the workout plan I have kicked into play from yesterday.. I am trying to get more cut, loose the body fat keep the sexy going lol

B) Working on this report for work that I couldn't get done today cause it was a lil too busy. At least it doesn't have to get done until Friday.

I tell you, it's hard to do the promoter life and work...but with the way the WEATHER!!!!!! (BRR) Is going, it's not going to be a problem at all. I honestly feel that this winter is going to be ass. That basically means I will be doing photos, but outdoor promo life is gonna be slowing down quickly. That also includes going out to parties....need to kick find a wifey mode very quickly cause I am going to need to hibernate very soon. Accursed Snow...

I hope to see any of my Toronto people at Reserved this Saturday...



Friday, November 14, 2008

Off my head...watching dem streetlights

good morning, good afternoon, or goodnight....

I guess it is that time again where i sit in front of the computer and pour my thoughts out on virtual paper. I am starting to see everyone is getting the leaked tracks from Kanye...bootleggin is WRONG...but it is oh so worth it when you get the tracks. I just can't WAIT to hear how "Good Ass Job" Sounds.....this guy is the guy who just keeps throwing out bangers believe you me.

I wonder if people really do read what i write. I see like one comment from two people *you guys know who you are* Maybe people out there are just there to read and get info and don't have the time to respond. Can't get mad cause of that cause everyone has their lives to live. Contact would be good once in a while *sob*

So Reserved is one week away, (Well depending when you read this blog) I hope to see you guys out there, just having a good time, and giving me your money...(wont do me much good but it always helps)

Well that is enough breathing out for now. Gonna go get ready to do promo and get my Obama on ( which means meet and greet and get my networking on.)

oh and that pic has meaning to me...that's me and my squad. Get familiar with them cause that's only part of the team....we are much bigger than that

oh and the first pic...that's the traditional jump takes reallllll skill to master that down..

too many people to shout out but you all know i gots love for each and everyone of you cause your what help me go through the day


Mr. Warbucks

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Doing my promo thang....


It is almost a week away, now i dont really like to do promo on this thing but its like i dont really got much of a choice. Booths are all taken up and bottle prices are out so just ask a brother to ask a brother to warn a brother. It is brought to you by the good people of Silent Partners and Hustlaz Dream ent. (with a lil Fam*us on the side) here is the flyer get at me

Monday, November 10, 2008

Seeing Kraft n cheese being made makes you think

Good morning, afternoon, or night to which ever is your flavour.

Just checking in up on the world killing time and just wanting to write. I guess seeing everyone with their blogs writing about their lives made me want to as well....
I bet your wondering about the title of this blog. Well right now I am looking at my boy Kori Faith being a hungry belly and making a pot of Kraft macaroni & cheese. He said he read my blog and thought it was tough to have. I guess he's right cause it gives me a way to output what I am thinking. I gotta give a shout out to everyone i see doing up their blogs like Photo Will, lissa monet, Miss Taylor, maryam T. , miss anesha.....and it goes on and on....and when you think about it, Toronto has some AMAZING talent...if we can produce all of this imagine what everyone could do when they put their minds to it. Negativity is a disease that can be controlled and stopped. It just takes a few good apples to unspoil the bunch ( I know that is not a saying but....meh) man...that smell of that Kraft stuff brings me back hard.....


if i didn't some people would get mad at moi. I have to make sure what put my investment into pays off...I could not and would not settle for less.

That's all for now i juiced out my brain....but stay tuned for more...


Jay Warbucks

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I know everyone who has a blog must have updated it after last night, and there shouldn't be a reason why they should have not. History was made....for you, for me, for our childrens and there then some. All who were alive witness an African American become the 44th president of the United States of America. He is now the inspiration of hope for all. He shown me through all his trials and work that "Yes We Can" Is more than just words. I know ANYTHING i want, ANYTHING i find possible I can do is possible because he had done it. I'm wearing my Obama shirt today to show my support. I may not be American but I know he has my best interest at heart. So white, black, brown, yellow. Let us all band together, stand tall and support Mr. Barack Obama with saying "YES WE CAN" If MLK and Malcolm X was alive they would be so proud of this back later

merr..!! YES WE DID

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For coming by...some food for thought

Good morning, good afternoon, goodnight....I am going to start of with saying that cause i have no idea when you could be reading i am going to be polite like my mother taught me to be. So it is another night in front of the screen thinking, playing music from my blackberry to trail along with what i am thinking...I want to thank the people who actual came by and drop some thought on my kept the wheels in my mind going...i put the Obama picture up in this blog cause...well...i guess you can say this is a historical date coming up....We all know he is going to win...and we all believe that he can bring change to not only the USA, but to the whole world. He is going to get dogged on...ridiculed, and look down right stupid, but we gotta give the support we can. He is making it that we can hope our future can look bright. Where the young black male wont have to be afraid to say " I can be this" I hope my future generations can see that the words "Yes we can" Will make a huge impact in thier life. Well thats enough politcal talk for time you read this facebook will be completly littered with US politcal stuff you would shut your screen off....ok...well this weekend was pretty decent. Went to monster ball as a doctor...ill see those pics tomorrow i believe...otherwise from that started doing promo for my next party....i wont even plug it in here cause its in the blog below. All my aim to do is get my name out there noticed and doing something positive i never had that really done before but its something i really want to make sure it gets done. I dont want to be labled like all the other promoters do cause it seems thats what Toronto does...and i know for my old ass it aint like that but like Obama...its for you the people to judge.


Mr. Warbucks