Monday, October 27, 2008

Wonders if anyone reads these

So hello and salutations. I am just here throwing in the new post. I am really throwing now this photography thing and seeing that it is what i want to do. I wonder if people actually come and read this. If you do I thank you for putting your time into this. it means a lot to know what people think about what i say. Stylin on em' 2....big success...even though the police didnt help with locking the door. That just makes it when part 3 comes down the pipe people are gonna be smarter and there ON FREAKING TIME!!!!!!!!! and maybe people would just listen to me then lol. Well next on the eating plate is RESERVED..Nov 22. @ Dazzling bar and would be another bday party for people close to moi. I Peace

Warbizzy - Bizzy i got em lol


Mary said...

yeh i understand what you gettin into photography as well :D

maybe we should work together one time

Memoirs of Anesha said...