Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For coming by...some food for thought


Good morning, good afternoon, goodnight....I am going to start of with saying that cause i have no idea when you could be reading this...so i am going to be polite like my mother taught me to be. So it is another night in front of the screen thinking, playing music from my blackberry to trail along with what i am thinking...I want to thank the people who actual came by and drop some thought on my page...it kept the wheels in my mind going...i put the Obama picture up in this blog cause...well...i guess you can say this is a historical date coming up....We all know he is going to win...and we all believe that he can bring change to not only the USA, but to the whole world. He is going to get dogged on...ridiculed, and look down right stupid, but we gotta give the support we can. He is making it that we can hope our future can look bright. Where the young black male wont have to be afraid to say " I can be this" I hope my future generations can see that the words "Yes we can" Will make a huge impact in thier life. Well thats enough politcal talk for now....by time you read this facebook will be completly littered with US politcal stuff you would shut your screen off....ok...well this weekend was pretty decent. Went to monster ball as a doctor...ill see those pics tomorrow i believe...otherwise from that started doing promo for my next party....i wont even plug it in here cause its in the blog below. All my aim to do is get my name out there noticed and doing something positive i never had that really done before but its something i really want to make sure it gets done. I dont want to be labled like all the other promoters do cause it seems thats what Toronto does...and i know for my old ass it aint like that but like Obama...its for you the people to judge.


Mr. Warbucks

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