Monday, September 15, 2008

First of we go

So i come from hearing about them, to reading them, then creating them.  Doesn't seem that bad when you start it. I decided to start one from the result of thinking too much.  Where my mind state is right now is stemming off what the Pussycat Dolls keep going off on their lyrics "When I grow up, I wanna be Famous". We all have had dreams of being that. Some didn't have to work to get to that stage in life, while others (like myself) have to grind hard to even get their taste.  Forever Always Maintaining Undoubted Success ( FAM*US) That is how i see being famous is to me.  I always have had my taste of wanting to be noticed. Never really had that growing up. Always last being picked for sports...I was a runt. Was not popular, and always looked over. People do not see that now because I slightly learned to open up more. Even at my work I always have people I know stop and say hi and they ask "How do you know so much people?" The question I in turn ask myself is "How do these people even know me?" I have met lots of people in my walk of life. Some i can name, and others I just know by face.  I would love to be like a household name.....Not for anything negative thought. I want to do something that would make me money so i can take care of my mom and siblings. I know I can be something something that can change the world.....I just need to be reminded that God knows why he put me on Earth and that he has my plan written out. I am gonna remember that my own swagger can not be copied or imitated.  I wrote a lot for my first i guess....I have a lot more to write but i guess I will do it later...Feel free to comment on what I wrote give me ideas...that's what drives me. 


Jay "Warbucks" Williams

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mz_vasquez said...

I love your mind and i love how you can express yourselve so well.
Jay trust me your gona go far