Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday thinking

Well just writing to make sure i keep things up to date. I want to make sure i always keep this updated and current so it doesn't seem stale. I hope people are coming to read this once in a while...basically keeping me in mind so that they know to ask for stuff. Pictures from House Party (Friday Sept.26) Will be up shortly I'm gonna put all the ones i took up like even the random ones, and the ones that came out good are going to go up on Facebook in its own group. For sure I gotta give a shout out to my new family 24seven365 entertainment...Good job on the turn out and building a strong name...I for sure can see bigger things to come and some partnerships in the works..For people who are reading this now GO TO MOOD MUSIC...that is the jam you grab on a girl or guy and them how you feel LOL. It is going down and Blurr your Toronto hustlers. Before i forget STYLIN ON EM 2...@ Blurr nightclub (these get a lot of work) Presented by Hustlaz Dream ent. , One T.O , and V.I.P Status....get those fitted's ready and going...Well enough chiter chater....going back to work



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