Thursday, December 4, 2008

feelin empty

I am just making sure i give people something to read today, so they don't think that i have just left the world blank.....I am feeling naked and tired right now....naked cause my Big brother has my camera and I NEED it by tomorrow evening...but i have no way of getting it from him. I feel tired as hell frm work...stupid waking up at 7...You know i wanna hear what people thought of 808's and Heartbreak...I'm hearing so many mixed reviews about it..and I'm just gonna say what i think...cause i might as well cause everyone is going on about it. I think the album is wicked....each song feels like it has a story behind it....everyone is on the guy cause he sings but its all about how you feel when you say it...oh he sings...oh he is using audio tone...SO WHAT??!!! I say it tuff.....

well gotta go eat some din din

Back later



Mary said...

Yeh i actually agree with you on the album
it kinda grew on me though
but im feeling it
only bcuz i love the meaning of the songs
and i know how naked u feel without ur cam i went through that before

Memoirs of Anesha said...

The only song I can listen to without being overly annoyed by the whole vocoder Heartless...

Everything else .... sucks.