Saturday, December 13, 2008

Mr.Warbucks & Gang Road trip

I'm just getting home now from the madness of the day

Woke up played some PS3, ate some cereal..then got a call from my boy Kori saying,

"Yo i gotta drive to buffalo to get my brother from the airport. You down for going?"
I'm gonna give you some back history on the whole situation on what's going on (The fast version)

I didn't have to work today so i didn't see why not. Along with the ride came the boys from One T.O (Graham & AdamQue) and made our way out to Buffalo...left at about 3:30pm thinking it will only take about 1 1/2 at least....

Well wrong on that part...traffic+snow=one hell of a drive already

Here's the first big kick of the day. We pull up to customs before we cross into America (You already know how the border guards are, if your not from a place where they have that...THEY ARE REAL ASSES) I had my licence (didn't have any other stuff of me which i didn't think I needed to have anything else) Kori and Graham had their passport (minus the fact that graham's was expired) and AdamQue's who is a British immigrant landed in Canada...told us to go up to customs, do whole bunch of explaining. If i had to be there for longer than two hours I was gonna kill Adam.

Mcdonalds in the states is BLOODY expensive. plus the conversion ratio is deadly....that's all i gotta say (taste pretty good though)

Was gonna stay in Niagara and chill, but wasn't going to bother cause of the weather. Went to duty free got a PROPER bottle of Smirnoff...gonna kill that tomorrow at the welcome home party

don't know what else to say....ass is tired...bother you guys later



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