Wednesday, December 24, 2008

And to all a good night

I don't have it that good in my house but i got my family. I have my brothers, and my mother here. I have my sister, niece and aunt in Florida right now but they are with me in spirit.

We all never had much money to get each other big and fancy things. I will be honest with everyone on here. I was the only who got gifts for people here but it doesn't bother me. I love everyone and their love is a gift i could never trade for any material things.

So to everyone who is reading this. Rich, or poor. Be happy, and grab your loved ones close and embrace the moments that you get to live. Some people don't have it this lucky to have family and would trade ANYTHING to have happiness in their lives.

So not just Christmas...make everyday a day you tell a person how great they are. Let others know that you care for them. Even your haters. I see everyone is going on about their haters. Jesus was born to take away all the pain and sins. That is what i was taught. Love one another.

So to conclude, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO all...christhanakwazka I wanna hear how it was for everyone later.


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