Friday, November 14, 2008

Off my head...watching dem streetlights

good morning, good afternoon, or goodnight....

I guess it is that time again where i sit in front of the computer and pour my thoughts out on virtual paper. I am starting to see everyone is getting the leaked tracks from Kanye...bootleggin is WRONG...but it is oh so worth it when you get the tracks. I just can't WAIT to hear how "Good Ass Job" Sounds.....this guy is the guy who just keeps throwing out bangers believe you me.

I wonder if people really do read what i write. I see like one comment from two people *you guys know who you are* Maybe people out there are just there to read and get info and don't have the time to respond. Can't get mad cause of that cause everyone has their lives to live. Contact would be good once in a while *sob*

So Reserved is one week away, (Well depending when you read this blog) I hope to see you guys out there, just having a good time, and giving me your money...(wont do me much good but it always helps)

Well that is enough breathing out for now. Gonna go get ready to do promo and get my Obama on ( which means meet and greet and get my networking on.)

oh and that pic has meaning to me...that's me and my squad. Get familiar with them cause that's only part of the team....we are much bigger than that

oh and the first pic...that's the traditional jump takes reallllll skill to master that down..

too many people to shout out but you all know i gots love for each and everyone of you cause your what help me go through the day


Mr. Warbucks

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Memoirs of Anesha said...

i'm reading your blog! lol.

I always writing..even if you dont think people read it.

i get mad when i check a blog and there aren't new posts. lol

Reserved....just around the corna! I'm gonna try and make an appearance.

Ohh...and the crew...lookin good. i dont recognize any faces...but fresh faces are good faces.