Thursday, January 1, 2009

'09 on the record....time to show the ones you care for that you give a damn...

Happy new year to all around the world. I hope you new year was something eventful to attend. I pray most of you got to your homes, hotels, friends house, or wherever the alcohol brought you to be at.

It was NOT a good start for me to be so one day so much shit hit the fan, you would wonder why sometimes you guys can never see me with a smile...I drop one once in a while but not as often. The party I had did promo for didn't go according to plan leaving the end result with people saying that people are going to get hurt for it all. Fights left right and center, bottles getting broken let alone late, and the 200 plus people who had to endure the cold just not to get in. I am making my part as one of the guys who sold tickets to say I'm deeply sorry. I wish i had the power to get you in...but it seems like the club owners are becoming more and more retarded.


Since it is now 2009...We can be different. Everyone is on this make money fuck bitches...blah blah blah...i see it all in your facebook names and you know that's true....everyone does it so don't feel guilty. All I want to see in '09 is for people to do their own damn thing. If your a singer..stick to singing...cause you never knew how to act and you might just suck at it. If your a promoter stick to your game....don't think you handed out two flyers and you graduated promoter university. There has been some of us in this game that braved the elements to get where we were. We have had our ups and downs...and only the strong will survive. Fights in clubs make me not want to go back to that promoters events...and you know what, my face is gonna be seen seldom now. I am going to stick to my photography.

I have been waiting to write this...I was going to do it before new years but i never got the time to do it.

if you did not benefit me in '08....i have NO use for you in '09

That is what I made up...that is copyrighted (in the process) if you want to use it let me know just ask me.

That goes for guys, girls, mothers, fathers, single parents, and even expecting parents

Don't let anyone in '09 hold you back. Make your paper, work your job, live your LIFE.

I'm going to share my new years revolutions to you...this is what i need to do for myself

1) Show people what i mean when i say it

2) Stop depending on others to get ahead...if one man is slowing you down...get your ass in front of them

3) pay my dues, Settle my debts

Its time to change it up...Anyone that has a problem with me....I'm not a bad dude you can take it up with me...if any my guys don't like it, we don't have to make it an issue.

Happy New year all the best.....i left the old Warbucks is '08........'09 is a different dude.

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