Monday, January 5, 2009

Should I stay or should i go??

I have been getting some great reviews from everyone who reads the notes i have thrown up. I enjoy seeing everyone's point of view. So from that i have another one that I know I wanna see people view about. This one is about people who has ever been cheated on. At least 95% of people in the world has been cheated on by a person they are involved with. A good amount of them book the other in the act and yet still love they they come with the idea thinking...


I think it also depends on what the person view of cheating is. If you are a person are just "talking" then do you think its fair that they keep their options open to something else? I that point like if you are trying to get a job at Telus head office, and yet you get the call to work in the stores. A week passes you and the crew get pretty good acquainted, yet head office calls and gives you the spot. Should you leave the crew you took sometime to build a relationship with and go to something bigger, or do you stay where you are and work your way up? I see that as how relationships worked out to be.

Now guys and girls are both guilty when it comes to cheating. Don't let the media fool you...girls cheat as well as guys. The reason why it is blown up so big is that girls make it that way.

People cheat for many different reason. Some for the excitement of sneaking around, and some just need to break free from where they are. They could be bored, they could be threatened, they could just not feel that way they did a year ago. To the other person they have to just wonder...why do i feel like i just got traded in for a new model car...or even a older model car =s

Guys: Reason why some cheat is like i mention before they like the thrill of sneaking around. guys like to have more than one thing they can call their own. Like Anesha had mentioned in one of my notes "You know, have a girlfriend every other season, and break free for Caribanna season (summa-time) lol." I know at times we guys wish we had a back-up girl every time the main girl pisses us off. To be honest, we are human and temptation is hard...remember Adam and Eve? It is common that when us guys are in a relationship, girls are in competition mode where they feel they have to get the guy and piss the other girl off...can any girl who reads this note confirm that and tell me....why?

Girls: Like i said earlier girls do cheat. As much as guys even. They just have an innocent way of making it look like it was innocent fun. Girls cheat under wraps so that they don't look like whores and sluts. They know the community will talk about them if they get exposed. I know girls cheat cause they want to feel wanted. All girls want to feel wanted that is a given. Some guys hit girls...its they confined into another male and then things happen, and there are some girls (Yes i am going to say it) who are like guys and want to keep their option and legs open for many different things. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Girls know how to make them selves innocent by just simply crying. "He made me do it..i didn't have a choice" setting people up to fall. Guys who read this note i wanna know what you think and what would you say if you found your girl cheating on you.

So there is the note for the day I want you to think deep. Keep the convo going..don't start bashing if your going to do that, you guys have inbox and walls you can go at it.

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Anonymous said...

Honestly I think cheating is pathetic and unnecesary I feel as if,if you aint feeling the person you might as well give them the respect they deserve and tell them tht what you two have isn't working anymore rather than cheating.