Thursday, January 8, 2009

So Hard To Say Goodbye

First off i want to say thank you. All the responses, and the feedback I have been getting have given me more drive to write more about things that effect people and their lives.Go and read the previous ones too. So I am going to make sure at least once a matter of fact if i can go off twice a day i will. If i didn't tag you in this note..


People like hearing what people think. So do not be afraid to speak your mind. Now you might have an idea what the title is about. I am going to give you a scenario that we all have been through.

Boy meets girl..wither it be through friend, seen them around at work, or facebook lord knows. They hit if off real good and start to eventually start dating. Time flies by when your with that person. A house can be on fire and you can still look deep into their eyes and feel safe. Then the day you feared about the most came to play...It could be in a form of a note, a facebook message, an email, or hell face to face.

"I Don't know what it is, maybe it's me...I am not sure...but i have to say goodbye to us...I don't feel like I am strong enough to hold on to what we got. We can still be friends..but i need sometime to myself..I am so sorry."

At that time you feel like the world is going to blow up, your heart ends up like kanye and you want to make a song for it. Break ups are one of the hardest things to do cause you feel like all the work you put into that relationship is like for nothing. The X amount of years spent is not worth it at I had said we ALL have been through this in our lives.

what i have noticed is they way that the opposite sex gives and takes break ups.

Guys: We have a girl dump us, and honestly we feel meh about it. We know we can get another one or even her best friend lol. Although there are some of us that will basically shrivel up and die if the girl we put SO much into just up and leaves. We can dump them and that's okay but then we get their friends calling us, facebooking us to either 1) harass us for leaving their friend, or 2) See what we are doing cause we know girls can be snakes too. We can never really know what love is so we just move around like nomads trying to really slow down. We feel pain too ladies even though we do not show it in our actions.

Ladies: You know from heaven to earth you can say that you can get any guy you want BUT...There is always that special guy you keep eying to get the attention from. Remember everything that shines AIN'T GOLD..Women handle break up the hardest cause they are the most fragile thing on this Earth. You know you put your very all into a relationship and do everything to make it work. Only to get a message or a friend to tell you that your BF said "It's over...." I know the emotion that builds up in you is fierce...Jasmine Sullivan had a total reason to make the song "Bust your windows" Being dumped is just as bad as being cheated on, and a worst fact to it all would be if you got dumped for someone who isn't even up to your status...just a next girl who knew what buttons to press to get what she wanted. Break ups are like war stories you carry around. When you and your friends have like movie night or chill you always have a story to tell about a past relationship, especially if you see your EX's best friend walking by and it gives you memories of him. I don't mean to open up old wounds ladies....I am here to just open your minds in '09 to get you back to thinking and take time out of your busy schedules just to do it..

There isn't a way to avoid break ups. It happens to everyone...husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend, NBA players ( i had to throw a lil humor in there) We can find the one to make sure that he/she is the one but there's will forever be one question that sits in your mind when you wake up beside them or by yourself


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